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mutual aid directory & archive

Connecting those individuals and organizers getting online after the grinding halt of the art and performance and service industries During the Covid Months of 2020

If you are in a position to keep these projects going--
Here is provided a template for approaching artists you don’t know.

Aristilde Paz Justine Kirby- writer, social media follow links for digital events

Art Death-- Online Gallery run by Matt Dugan (NY/UPSTATE)-- Currently Exhibiting Katherine Driscoll(NYC)

Artists for Humans- Artists Donating Work for Coalition for the Homeless

Becca Van K (HV) Sensory fibers // Needlepoint landscapes // Rave-related abstractions

Casey Lin (NYC) Makes and sells ceramic sculptures.

This Is Davon - Dancer Performer and Actress

Live From Quarantine Digital Performance Space IN RESPONSE TO SOCIAL DISTANCING CAUSED BY COVID-19

Natalia Ice- Please Give Us a Live Show

NYC Dance Music-- Collection from NYC’s best and brightest

Shireen Ahmed (NYC) Tattoos, Graphic Design for Hire

SVB (Sarah Van Buren) is a musician, DJ, and event producer living outside Hudson, NY. Sarah has a solo music and sound art practice, and recently co-founded an inclusive and primarily femme-identifying DJ collective called Mostly Girls.

Walking Mixtape- A group mixtape

Marlee Grace NEW HOPE DANCE SERIES via Instagram Live


Fund application for LGBTQ2S artists, performers, & tip-based workers who have been negatively impacted (here) (donate here)

Fund application for US-based Black, Indigenous, People of Color working as artists who have been negatively impacted (here) (donate here)

Direct Fund to artists making work about Care. Anne Mourier’s Taking Care Fund

Hello Artist,
My name is ______ and I found your work through the art-emergency website. I really admire what you make and I want to support you continuing. 

My budget for your work is ____ can you send me some examples of what you have available in that range? 

I see you are selling digitizations of your work, how can I purchase it?

I see you are accepting donations, what form of digitized support do you need, venmo/paypal/cashapp?

(if transport of work is involved)
If we are in the same city, I would be most comfortable with A) safe no touch drop off / pick up of work or B) sending me work through the mail or C) waiting until leaving the house is safer in a few months and organizing a drop off then. Which option is most comfortable for you?

I hope you all the best and it makes me feel happy to support you in this time.
(your name)