Hello Artist,
My name is ______ and I found your work through the art-emergency website. I really admire what you make and I want to support you continuing. 

My budget for your work is ____ can you send me some examples of what you have available in that range? 

I see you are selling digitizations of your work, how can I purchase it?

I see you are accepting donations, what form of digitized support do you need, venmo/paypal/cashapp?

(if transport of work is involved)
If we are in the same city, I would be most comfortable with A) safe no touch drop off / pick up of work or B) sending me work through the mail or C) waiting until leaving the house is safer in a few months and organizing a drop off then. Which option is most comfortable for you?

I hope you all the best and it makes me feel happy to support you in this time.
(your name)